Non-Traditional Candidates

In recent years, our firm has been asked to recruit non-traditional candidates for some of our client districts.

Reasons often stated for this are as follows:

  • Accountability is a serious issue that calls for someone who can think as a chief executive  with experience in identifying clear objectives and produce satisfactory results within budgetary parameters.
  • Non-traditional leaders are less likely to hire underachievers and more likely to excise personnel who do not produce satisfactory results.
  • Non-traditional leaders have a better working grasp of the application of resources.
  • Non-traditional leaders are more data-driven. Traditional educators are often steeped in pedagogy and fail to embrace change until mandated.

We will recruit non-traditional candidates, if desired, and ensure their viability for the position they are seeking. Our network of nearly one hundred forty (140) associates across the country are notified of each search and the respective criteria of each. In our experience, most of our clients have selected traditional or “hybrid” candidates (hybrids being a combination of corporate or military and educational experience.) We have placed true non-traditional candidates, however, and we are seeing an increase in this demand.

Our recruiting efforts are second to none. We will advertise in productive media venues that are known to attract key professional leaders from business, industry, higher education and military. Plus, we provide continuous follow-up once contacts with individuals have been made to ensure that they follow through in completing the application process.

To be notified of employment opportunities, please fill out the Candidate Registration form found on this Website.

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